Building a Better Iowa

Business & Community Services (BCS) at the University of Northern Iowa is a collection of 12 unique outreach programs. Our mission is to build a better Iowa through entrepreneurship, education, business, innovation and sustainability.

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‌Currently, 12 programs are housed under the umbrella of BCS and assistance is delivered to the door of clients in all 99 Iowa counties. BCS works with businesses, entrepreneurs, communities and governments, providing a wide array of services from marketing research and business incubation, to environmental compliance assistance and economic development. The BCS brand continues to grow to cater to the needs of Iowa businesses providing unsurpassed expertise and knowledge.‌

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The Building a Better Iowa Podcast spotlights the 12 unique outreach programs housed in BCS. Tune in to discover our shared mission and impact across the state.

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BCS programs impacted more than 302,000 
Iowans in 2020

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Served nearly 3,505 unique businesses, communities and local governments in all 99 counties

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Leveraged each $1 invested by the state with $5 in external funds