Environmental & Sustainability Assistance

Environmental and Sustainability Assistance

Individuals, organizations, businesses and communities all have an environmental footprint, but with the help of the Environmental & Sustainability Assistance programs at BCS, that footprint can be as small as possible. These programs provide an array of research, education and technical assistance, all with the focus of reducing waste and increasing sustainability of our environment.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center Center for Energy & Environmental Education

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center assists Iowa small businesses in complying with environmental regulations, conducts research and develops technologies for more efficient industrial painting processes.

The Center for Energy and Environmental Education offers technical assistance and educational programs on energy conservation, renewable energy, local food systems and sustainability.

Tallgrass Prairie RRTTC logo

The Tallgrass Prairie Center develops source-identified seed for restoration and preservation of native vegetation through innovative research, techniques and education opportunities.

The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center provides research and assistance through an outreach center on solid waste and sustainability techniques to businesses and communities.