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Key Statewide Resources

Grants & Micro Lending

  • Community Economic Betterment Account Program

    • Community applies on behalf of a local business for a loan (can be forgivable).

  • Dream Big Grow Here (

    • Online business grant program for Iowa entrepreneurs.

  • Iowa Business Plan Competition (

    • The five John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers offer an annual business plan competition for Iowa startups less than four years old.

  • Iowa Economic Development Authority (

    • The Iowa Economic Development Authority has a number of financial assistance programs for firms that will have significant job impact. Examples include the Demonstration Fund, Iowa Small Business Loan Support Program, and more.

  • Iowa Small Business Loan Support Program (

    • Provides Iowa entrepreneurs access to a loan for business purposes. Can come with a $500 grant toward technical assistance.

  • IowaMicroLoan (

    • Loans are available to Iowans who have previously been turned down by a bank for traditional commercial financing.

  • Targeted Small Business Program (

    • The Iowa Economic Development Authority, in conjunction with ISED Ventures, provides low interest micro loans to business owners who are minority, disabled, or female.

  • USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (

    • Funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Traditional Debt Financing

  • Demonstration Fund (

    • Financial assistance to encourage high technology prototype and concept development activities for entrepreneurs.

  • Iowa Able Business Loan Program (

    • Loans for individuals with disabilities who wish to start or expand a business.

  • Iowa Area Development Group (

    • Funding opportunities and financial packaging.

  • Iowa Innovation Expansion (

    • The Innovation Expansion program is designed to assist existing Iowa companies with financing to support innovative product expansion activities.

Venture Capital and Equity Funds Serving Iowa

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