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Pandemic Impact on Iowa Businesses - Survey 3 Summaries Now Available!

A third survey funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration was conducted for the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) from February 23 through March 24, 2021. Businesses and organizations across the state offered information about what they are experiencing and how they are handling the current COVID-19 crisis. Over 6,450 Iowa businesses and organizations responded to the survey. IDM and SMS have developed several reports from the results:

  • Read the Executive Summary by clicking HERE.
  • A report specific to nonprofit organizations was also developed based on responses from 800 Iowa nonprofit organizations. Read the nonprofit report by clicking HERE.
  • Read the Rural Report by clicking HERE

Industry 4.0 Training for Economic Developers

IDM and Iowa's Community Colleges organized an online training for community college economic developers to provide a basic overview of Industry 4.0 and the terms associated with the tools and technologies of Industry 4.0. The workshop provided participants with visuals and explanations to help them recognize industry adoption, gauge a businesses' readiness or need for Industry 4.0 technologies, and offered useful sources for further learning and resources for business assistance.

COVID-19 Impact on Iowa Businesses Reports - Surveys 1 & 2

Survey 1 Documents:
Survey 2 Documents: