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COVID-19 Impact on Iowa Businesses Reports - Survey 1 (March)

The EDA University Center (UC) Team members from the Institute for Decision Making and Strategic Marketing Services assisted the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) conduct a statewide survey of businesses to assess the impact of COVID-19. The survey was conducted from March 17 through March 23 and garnered input from 13,905 businesses, ranging from micro to major firms and all industry sectors, from all of Iowa's 99 counties. 

COVID-19 Impact on Iowa Businesses Reports - Survey 2 (May)

Survey 2 was launched May 14th and was open through May 29th. The second COVID-19 impact survey collected input from 9,681 businesses of all business types and sizes across Iowa.

COVID-19 Response Activities

As a response to the survey results, UC Team members from Advance Iowa are hosting daily webinars to address business' information needs. The webinars are being recorded and are available here