Communities & Local Governments

Communities & Local Governments

The Communities & Local Governments BCS programs specialize in assisting clients in making progressive decisions and accommodating for changing economic patterns. These programs work as facilitators between local or federal governments and Iowa communities to provide creditable knowledge, economic research and preparation techniques to every client. Innovation is at the core of the communities and local government programs, as we continually find new ways to assist Iowans and enhance community development.

Institute for Decision Making GeoTree

The Institute for Decision Making provides guidance to clients as they make critical decisions and take organized action to improve community and economic development.

The GeoTree Center, located in the UNI Geography Department, supports the effective use of geospatial technologies in Iowa through training, extension and outreach, while also actively supporting the use of these technologies by faculty, students, departments, and groups at UNI.

UNI New Iowans Center  

Addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the state's rapidly growing and diversifying immigrant and refugee populations. (Website Under Construction)