UNI Day 2017 - What You Can Expect

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2017
Lea Hensel, Marketing Coordinator

In less than one month, University of Northern Iowa staff, faculty and students will travel to the Iowa Capitol Building in Des Moines to showcase the advancements and impact UNI has made throughout the state.

Here at BCS, we like to have a little fun with UNI Day and for any recurring visitors, you know we like to have a theme tying all the programs together.

In 2015 we walked the purple carpet, getting pictures taken along the way.

Or last year when our hallway became the Best Coffee Shop rather than Business and Community Services. See what we did there? Coffee, tea or hot chocolate that was waiting for them at the end of the hallway. It being the middle of February in Iowa the warmth was well needed!

So what can you expect for 2017?

Student’s Will Be Involved. With 12 programs under the BCS umbrella, we have over 60 student employees and we will be bringing quite a few with us for UNI Day to share their experiences at UNI. BCS students come from a variety of majors throughout UNI’s colleges and gain real-world experience through their work at UNI.

Updates, Updates, Updates. We have been busy. From expanding the Metal Casting Center’s facility, to the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s development of a craft brewery certification program, to UNI’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center receiving the first ever Student Entrepreneurship Program of the Year accolade from the International Business Innovation Association, we have lots to share with you and look forward to seeing you next month in Des Moines!