Thanking our BCS Staff: Patrick Luensmann, James Hoelscher, Bart Schmitz, Jenny Trent, and Laurie Watje

Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2018
Mikayla Wahl: Public Relations and Marketing Intern

A HUGE thank you is in order to four staff members who are celebrating anniversaries at BCS.

Join us in thanking Patrick Luensmann, Bart Schmitz, Jenny Trent, and Laurie Watje for their years of

service at UNI.


(from left to right: Bart Schmitz, Laurie Watje, Patrick Luensmann. Not pictured: Jenny Trent and James Hoelscher)


Patrick Luensmann is celebrating 5 years as Program Manager for the Innovation Incubator and

Business Concierge. “Patrick is a tremendous asset to our team in so many ways.  His

dependability and willingness to take on responsibilities- regardless of their fit with the programs

he is directly responsible for is something I greatly appreciate.  I know I can count on him for

insights to help push our programming forward,” says CBGI associate Dan Beenken. Thank you,



James Hoelscher is celebrating 15 years as a Program Manager for the Institute of Decision

Making. Thank you, James!


Bart Schmitz is celebrating 10 years as a Program Associate for the John Pappajohn

Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC). Laurie Watje is celebrating 10 years as the Student Business

Incubator Manager for the JPEC. “Bart and Laurie were so supportive, and the JPEC was like a

community for me. I still make an effort to come back and see them,” said Wes Merrill, a former

student of the JPEC. Thank you, Bart and Laurie!


Jenny Trent is celebrating 5 years as a Waste Reduction Specialist for the Iowa Waste

Reduction Center. “Jenny is an indispensable member of our team. She loves working with

students and promoting a positive attitude towards food waste reduction. Her work ethic,

enthusiasm, and passion for her work make her an essential member of the IWRC,” said Joe

Bolick, a coworker at the IWRC. Thank you, Jenny!


At BCS, we are Building a Better Iowa. We can’t do that without the hard work and dedication from

our wonderful staff. To learn more about BCS, check out our website at